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During the Great Depression, armed with the hope of opportunity, both my sets of grandparents found themselves leaving their humble beginnings behind to make the journey from Oklahoma to California. It was here in the Central Valley that my parents met, married, and opened Welch's Cafe. It was a small local eatery in Salida where I learned to appreciate honest and wholesome food.I spent every afternoon smelling the wonderful aromas that drifted from the cafe's kitchen to the dining room.

These scrumptious meals were simple and nurturing, and almost always served to me by my older sister. I loved being a part of the Welch's Cafe family, as they gathered around the table to share stories, laughter, and the love of our home-style food.It was there I realized the power of food and family. I learned that good food matters. I learned that family matters.

At My Garden Cafe we use the freshest ingredients to make really good food. Food that feels like home and is still often served by my older sister, or my cousin, niece or one of our extended Garden Cafe family members. It is here, gathered around these tables, sharing stories, laughter and the love of good food, that I am reminded when you put good food and family together, nothing else matters.

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